Novell NetWare Revisor

Novell NetWare Revisor 3.23

Create an NDS image, reports, perform server recovery, monitor connections
3.23 (See all)

Novell NetWare Revisor is a multifunctional tool for maintaining, copying and recovering NetWare servers running Novell NetWare 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x. The program runs on the administrator's workstation and can create images of NetWare servers. Such an image is a copy of eDirectory (NDS) and contains information about all file resources on the server, containers, groups, users. It also includes object attributes, group membership, access rights for files and folders. Novell NetWare Revisor can also build and generate HTML reports on server objects, perform console commands remotely, monitor the state of servers on the network, and disable or enable access to them.
Using the image of a NetWare server created before, the program allows you to quickly recover (or move/copy to another server) the NDS / Bindery object database, group settings, user accounts, directory structure and trustee rights for the file resources of the server. This feature makes the program absolutely indispensable for those who work with Novell NetWare networks.
The program also allows administrators to control all users connected to the server in order to quickly find out what files are in use and if they have administrator rights. Also, Novell NetWare Revisor can display the complete list of files that are being accessed on the server at any moment. It can quickly find users accessing a certain file resource too. The administrator can completely disable or enable logins to the server.
The clear and intuitive interface of the program is designed specifically for executing frequently used commands.

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